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Content Management with DNN Powerful and functional

The simple, self-maintaining development of existing websites allows for the successful implementation of core digital business goals. For this reason, we offer our customers DNN, the leading Open Source Content Management System; DNN is based on the powerful .NET technology from Microsoft. DNN is appreciated worldwide by business customers and organizations. The reason is the large range of professional features that support users whilst they optimally process their web pages. DNN is more than an ordinary content management system. From the beginning, multiple websites can be operated and processed parallel to one another. Companies also benefit by using the DNN intranet, which ensures structured internal document exchange. With DNN, the editing of web pages from any location is easier than ever before.

Some essential features of DNN at a glance:

  • Open Source (free and open source)
  • Intuitive operation
  • Extremely scalable, create new single or complete websites
  • Multilevel user management
  • Extensive WYSIWYG content editing
  • Countless free modules i.e. forums, polls, blogs
  • Transferring and managing data on the web server
  • Access to all SEO meta tags
  • Declared search engine friendly
  • Statistical analysis of visitor numbers
  • Contain internal group communication systems
  • Timed content, articles, and revisions as Backup functionalities
  • Access to the source code
  • And much, much more

DNN Business CMS in the commercial and institutional fields:

As a Business Content Management System, the DNN framework is ideally suited to the needs of growing businesses. In addition to being able to work independently and in detail on Internet pages, DNN provides, as a default, a powerful intranet system. Similar to enterprise networks, any user authorization groups can be set up within the network. After logging-in, each user sees only the shared data for their group. DNN increases productivity across the multiple sites. DNN can manage multiple parallel websites on one server. Entirely new web pages can be created at anytime while still maintaining time projections.

Training for DNN Content Management

Publishing should function simply. This is the exact principle that DNN follows. DNN has an amazing diversity of functions, but it is easy to help you pinpoint functions in the context of current tasks. In the case of an online text change, there are minimal clicks to reach your destination. Our training for DNN web editors provides important knowledge and methods for the editorial support of a DNN Business CMS site.

Your website with DNN
How does it work?

Together, we will analyze the objectives, functionality, and structure of your new website. We work out a viable site conception that considers your requirements. Then we present the new web design as a wireframe. Once approved by your company, we draw the layout of your new Internet present based upon the basis created earlier. The second layout is created as a real drawing and displays your new website before the beginning of the commercial production. The technical implementation of your web design for CMS systems is called template programming. We are a specialized agency capable of handling this task. We use valid, mobile-enabled and search engine optimized programming: a cornerstone of long-term success. Even during the technical implementation of the web design, DNN CMS Systems can be operated by your administrators. By combining the template and DNN CMS, all content such as text, images, videos, or forms, are arranged to form a multi-layered Internet package through our agency. Your business receives a turnkey website which can be expanded in the future: simply and autonomously.

Steps to the finished website with DNN CMS Business

  • Webdesign – planning and drawing your Web layouts
  • Webdesign – master drawing of web layouts
  • Implementation of web design as DNN template
  • Installing DNN
  • Establishment of the new website with DNN

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