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Every day, Germany’s companies work for more business success. It’s hard work to just increase profits, but with us it’s easy. Meetings, restructuring, discounts, maybe something with quality management? Occasionally, we, as humans, tend to overlook simple solutions – solutions such as SEO.

A successful internet business practically consists of two things: search engine optimization and a matching website. SEO works like relocating your business to New York’s 5th Avenue, but much cheaper when it comes to moving to the top of the Google search engine results. Prominent search ranks can get you thousands of visitors. As an SEO team from Berlin with over 10 years experience and many long-term customers, we are Germany’s country that will optimize your revenue through SEO.

Search Engine Optimization – How we work

Google calculates the position of websites through algorithms. Although that calculation method is not public, Internet sites can be crafted so that they support top rankings in Google searches. The statistics for top Google rankings are static, so success can easily be achieved with the right knowledge.

How do you achieve success through Google? Google sells advertisings spaces and requires relevant websites, such as your own, for its success. Would any Google user prefer irrelevant search results? We think not. The key lies in the common denominator between Google and search engine optimization (misspelling of seo here in the German version): relevant, useable Internet results. As a Berlin SEO Agency, we take care of both of these: relevance and usefulness. Not just for beloved Google but also Yahoo, Bing, and your unique customers.

Our procedure:

  • Analysis and Design of SEO alignment
  • Improving the website (on-page)
  • Improving Website Reputation (off-page)
  • Content development of the site presence

Here is our SEO Offer:

Immediately we work together to stake your claim on Google. Customers of our SEO program receive a detailed monthly report on the current status of your search engine presence. The cyclical report is the essence of our daily work for your business. In addition to showing you key performance data, it drives your SEO agency action – this makes our work transparent. A short secondary contract, lasts for three months, and makes us head of your search engine optimization in an emergency situation. Of course our customers do not just want to be found, they want to sell. For this reason, we work together on your website. For each of our clients, there are dedicated SEO consultants in our Berlin-based agency; they are available for you, even for a transfer of expertise. Let us work together. Who says that you can’t have it all?

How we ensure top rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing:

  • Work on the content of your website
  • Gradually increase the reputation of your website
  • SEO website status monitoring
  • Detection and prevention of attacks on your reputation
  • Conversion Optimization (converting visitors into customers)
  • Local search engine optimization i.e. Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart
  • Reporting, knowledge transference and much more ...

SEO seminars by BYTFEOREST inform decision-makers about the possibilities of organic search engine optimization. They are 1 to 2 hour, structured knowledge forums with the ability to ask questions. It is not a promotional event. Interested? Talk to us.
Did you know that optimization is the opposite of Google Ad-Words. The action is not lost even when you pause the campaign? Search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing campaigns. Compared to print or online advertising, SEO continues to work even after termination of a contract.

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