Wireframe Concept Success is not an accident

Planning is the foundation of successful business.  If you build a website without a strong concept, it’s like building a piece of architecture without a skilled architect.  The completion of the building would be uncertain, if not, improbably. We increase quality with solid plans and the conservation of resources. Successful sites are the products of target effective planning.

But every customer knows their business better than an outside agency. Tell us about your ideas and objectives. The mission of BYTEFOREST is to pair your plan with the mechanisms of a successful website.

The concept of your website as a wireframe model

Web design alone is not enough for success. Even beyond usability, users require the possibility to engage with your offers on mobile devices. Successful marketing can only be achieved when your product can be found, understood, and accepted by users.  Wireframe models are the culmination of these categories: the result of coordination between designers, customers, technicians, and search engine optimizers. A wireframe design has the following within its blue print:

  • placement of all web page elements
  • navigation and user guidance
  • fixing of text lengths and image statements
  • conversion strategy – turning visitors into customers
  • on-page search engine strategies – a Google content searchbar
  • compatibility with mobile devices
  • webdesign i.e. pre-layout

After we release your wireframe design, we draw out a blueprint of the layout of your website. This is the final step prior to commercial production.

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